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Exploring the Benefits of Naturopathic Services: A Guide for Health and Wellness

Naturopathic medicine is a distinctive approach to health and healing that recognizes the integration of the whole person. Dr. Lori von der Heydt will work with you to facilitate greater health and honor your body's self-healing process.

People ask me how is naturopathic medicine different from conventional medicine. I could watch their eyes glaze over as I tell them the six principles of naturopathic medicine listed on our state organization’s website, But probably more helpful is to say, naturopathic medicine is an art and a science that focuses on promoting health and healing rather than on diagnosing and treating symptoms or disease.

Naturopathic Medicine is a science because we know from observation and from lab research that the body heals, on its own if the conditions are supportive for healing. Consider what happens when you cut yourself. You put pressure on the wound and maybe a band aid to stop the bleeding. You keep it clean and dry. In a day you notice a scab forms and within a week the superficial wound is virtually healed up. You did nothing, really. It was the natural tendency of the body to take care of the wound. Naturopaths trust and know well this innate ability of the body to heal.

The science of Naturopathic Medicine

Using this science, this knowledge, is an art. Sometimes the body needs support in this process, if a fever is not present when infection ensues, for example. Or if a nutrient is deficient as in a weakened patient who is anemic post surgery, we may need to supplement iron. It could be the obstacle to healing is emotional or spiritual in nature instead of physical.

Naturopaths are detectives, trying to uncover the underlying cause of the imbalance and therefore ill health. The focus is on the individual’s presentation and the treatment is always specific to the patient. There are no formulas. Instead, we follow a philosophy, a way of thinking. It looks something like this: Take a good history, do a good physical exam, consider the whole person and their tendencies, reduce or remove obstacles to healing, support deficiencies, educate and empower self-healing, offer best treatments and repeat as needed.

The Naturopathic Patient

My patients are people of all ages who want time with their doctor; time to ask questions, acquire information and understand how their body works. They are curious to learn and motivated to make changes in their lives to promote and support health and healing. They are "plugged in" to the conventional medical system for emergency and catastrophic services but receive their regular health care from me.

They do not want to take drugs that mask their symptoms and cause unwanted side effects. Instead they want to know what is causing their symptom and correct the underlying imbalance. My patients trust and respect the innate ability of our bodies to heal.

To learn more visit or to make an appointment, email your appointment request to or call (503-708-5742).

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