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Dr. Lori von der Heydt, ND



I am Dr. von der Heydt, and I invite you to call me Lori or Dr. Lori.

I graduated in 1994 from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, which is now called National University of Natural Medicine, in Portland, OR, and I have completed advanced studies in Western Herbal Medicine and Bowen Therapy. I am a senior vitalist of the Naturopathic Medicine Institute and the VNMI chair for NMI. I founded the Beaumont Health Care Clinic in 1995 and continue to manage this multidisciplinary clinic today. 

My Philosophy

Humans are part of nature, not separate from it. We have myriad bacteria, fungi and viruses living within us and on us, collaborating with our vastly smaller number of human cells, in support of life. There is intelligence in this biology, this mutualism; some of which we know and some we do not yet understand. I acknowledge, trust and respect all of it when I work with you to support your health and healing. My role as doctor is first, to do no harm; then to educate you so you can make informed choices to prevent disease and promote health; and finally, to address the underlying cause of your ill health whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or a combination of all.

My Patients

My patients are people of all ages who want time with their doctor; time to ask questions, acquire information and understand how their body works. They are curious to learn and motivated to make changes in their lives to promote and support health and healing. They are "plugged in" to the conventional medical system for emergency and catastrophic services but receive their regular health care from me. 


They do not want to take drugs that mask their symptoms and cause unwanted side effects. Instead they want to know what is causing their symptom and correct the underlying imbalance. My patients trust and respect the innate ability of our bodies to heal.

My Tools

My toolbox is diverse and is tailored to the individual patient. I regularly use careful history-taking, physical exam, lab work, diet changes, exercise, relaxation, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, spiritual practice, Western botanicals, Bowen Therapy, nutritional supplements, and infrequently, pharmaceuticals.


Repeatedly, I have been told by my patients that my most healing and beneficial tool is my ability to listen.


Initial visit lasts 90-120min and costs $248-330

Follow-up visits last 30-60min and cost $80-165

Hydrotherapy $75

Bowen Therapy $75

Labs and Pharmacy extra.


Payment is taken at time of service via cash, check or credit card.

If you have Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, I will take your co-pay at time of service and bill insurance for you. For all other insurances, if you'd like to submit for reimbursement, I can provide an invoice with necessary codes.

I am a member of the Patient Physician Co-op (PPC).


You may email ( or phone (503-708-5742) to make an appointment,

which can be in person or via video.

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